Protecting Yourself From TGE Marketing & Advisory Impersonation Scams

Al Leong
October 10, 2022

There has recently been a significant rise in scams, where a Hong Kong organization pretends to be a web services company impersonating to be TGE Marketing & Advisory.

At TGE Marketing, we are making every possible effort to spread awareness of the tactics employed by fraudsters and to protect individuals and organizations from scams using our company name. 

Warning signs when being contacted

Below is a list of warning signs that could indicate you have been contacted by a scammer posing as TGE Marketing & Advisory:

  • A purported TGE consultant requesting you to: 
    • Provide personal financial details.
    • Pay a fee for web / digital marketing or other services for an invoice made in Chinese or another non-English language.
    • Pay money on behalf of another individual.
    • Pay additional money after an initial payment has been made but services have not been provided.
  • Online contact from a purported consultant with:
    • A lack of activity, information, or contact details on their profile.
    • A suspicious profile picture.
  • Poor spelling and/or grammar, however, the Hong Kong scammers will write in Chinese and show a document with an official-looking seal or stamp, but this is a fraudulent stamp.
  • Below is an example of a fraudulent document:

TGE Marketing & Advisory will never request direct payment from a company in Chinese or other non-English language. 

All email communications will from us be sent from official TGE Marketing & Advisory email domains. 

This only official domain is:


The ONLY OFFICIAL website for TGE Marketing & Advisory is:

TGE does not operate out of any other country and does not have any other domains.  This is because TGE Marketing is headquartered in Canada, not Hong Kong.  TGE Marketing ceased operations in Hong Kong in December 2019 and only maintains a Canadian presence.

Warning sites for webpages

To check the legitimacy of a site, we could encourage you to verify the SSL certificate. In most browsers, this can be done by clicking the padlock on the far left of the URL. If it Further we are aware of other scam sites like (which has been recently taken down):

More information

If you suspect you have been targeted or are a scam victim, lodge a report immediately at your nearest police station describing the incident with all the relevant evidence.  For Hong Kong, visit this police website:


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