NFT Marketing: Standing Out in the Crowded Digital Art Market

Al Leong
June 22, 2023

In the ephemeral world of blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have metamorphosed the art industry. The astronomical rise in the popularity of NFTs in 2021 continues, albeit with notable fluctuations. But as the digital art market saturates, distinguishing oneself becomes indispensable. Here, we decipher the tools needed to stand out, while reflecting on the crucial lessons learned from the surge of fake NFTs, price fluctuations, and the capricious nature of NFT success.

Rise of the NFTs and the Market Saturations

Statistics from CoinMarketCap show that as of June 2023, the total NFT market capitalization stands at a staggering $40 billion, up from $338 million in 2020. Major players like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) have taken the market by storm. As per DappRadar, a single CryptoPunk NFT was sold for $11.8 million in March 2023. However, the inundation of new artists and platforms has made securing their spot in the spotlight significantly challenging for creators. Innovative storytelling, exclusive collaborations, and building a community around the art piece are pivotal to captivating the audiences.

The Dark Side: Fake NFTs and Scams

As with any burgeoning industry, the digital art market has seen its share of scams and fake NFTs. Notably, counterfeit BAYC NFTs began to circulate in late 2022. Scammers created replica BAYC tokens and listed them on marketplaces at lower prices to lure unsuspecting buyers. This incident served as a reality check and urged platforms to adopt stringent measures for verifying and authenticating artworks.

Navigating the Storm: NFT Price Volatility

In April 2023, there was a massive drop in prices of NFTs across the board. According to, the average price of an NFT fell by 60% within a week. The stark reminder is that while NFTs can bring in astronomical profits, they’re also susceptible to severe market fluctuations. For artists and investors alike, exercising caution and avoiding impulsive decisions based on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is essential.

Flip of a Coin: The 50/50 Nature of NFT Success

The fickle nature of consumer preferences makes the NFT market akin to a coin toss. A recent study by revealed that, as of 2023, nearly 50% of NFT projects end up with little to no resale value, while the other half could generate windfall gains. Given this, it is indispensable to understand that while a unique proposition and adept marketing can enhance prospects, the element of luck cannot be ignored.

Market Insights and Strategies for Success

Standing out in the crowded NFT market requires more than just creating art. Here are some strategies backed by data:

  1. Community Building: Projects like BAYC and World of Women (WoW) thrived by creating a sense of community. Engaging with the audience through social media and forums can lead to organic growth in followers and potential buyers.
  2. Limited Editions and Utility: As per a report by Nifty Gateway, limited edition NFTs or those offering real-world utilities have a higher likelihood of success. For example, VeeFriends, by Gary Vaynerchuk, offers NFT holders access to exclusive events.
  3. Partnerships and Collaborations: Teaming up with established brands or creators can boost visibility. In May 2023, Adidas recently announced its collaboration with BAYC, leading to a 120% increase in BAYC NFT sales within 24 hours.
  4. Verification and Authenticity: Post the fake BAYC incident, platforms like OpenSea and Rarible have incorporated stringent verification processes. Artists should use these platforms to assure potential buyers of the legitimacy of their work.

In conclusion, as the NFT marketplace burgeons, standing out is an art in itself. The savvy creator must build a community, offer value through their NFTs, collaborate, and assure authenticity. Amidst the tempestuous seas of price fluctuations and the innate unpredictability of success, a well-navigated ship can still find its treasure.

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This content is a collaborative effort between Al Leong and ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI. While ChatGPT contributed significantly to the final copy, Al Leong provided valuable input and guidance throughout the writing process.

Al Leong is an award-winning CMO and 4x CEO (with one successful exit) with 31 years of experience with Fortune 500 brands and blockchain firms. He’s a former contributor to Techvibes in Canada. He’s a Board Director and Board Advisor for several technology firms (in engineering, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence industries), as well as for non-profits such as AIDS Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, BC Borstal Association, and American Marketing Association (Toronto and BC), among others. He earned an MBA in Global Management, Strategy Consulting, and Technology Innovation from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in Managing Complex Product Development Projects from MIT/Sloan. His site is found at, or


Al Leong

Chief Marketing Officer, Advisor, Board Director

Award-winning CMO, Board Advisor, Board Director, CEO, and executive with 31 years of experience with Fortune 500 brands, blockchain firms, and SMEs. Former Board Director of the American Marketing Association (both BC and Toronto Chapters), Metro Vancouver CrimeStoppers. Board Director for BC Bostal Association, the AI 2030 think tank. Former "CI" for the FBI, SEC and Ontario Provincial Police.

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